Meet the Posterchild Band

Each member in the band is a Posterchild for Something.



Bass Guitar

Is the founding member of the band Posterchild and as such is the Posterchild for the band. He is also the posterchild for short people that like to rock and have a good time but even though he has a deficiency in height he makes it up for his ability to fill in the groove and have a good time. On a side not he isn’t that short he is still taller than Tom Cruise.


Lead Singer

Being a lead singer and front man demands entertaining the crowd at all times and no one does that better than Josh. Josh is the posterchild for owning the center of attention, because he loves the stage he loves to make you want to sing along and rock until you want to join him on stage.



As a kid Jamie spent way too much time watching The Muppet Show and his favorite Muppet was Animal that is what got him playing drums. Now all Jamie wants to do is bang on his drums all day. Jamie is the posterchild of banging on drums. Watching Jamie pound on the drums is truly entertaining and something you have to see.



Rob is the consummate musician, if it is an instrument Rob can play it, drums, guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboards, trumpet and vocals. Rob is truly the Posterchild for a one man band.



When Chris was a very young kid he taught himself how to play chop sticks and has been playing ever since. Chris is the posterchild for keyboardist he can play any style, and any song. Chris is just the posterchild that is needed to give the band the sound needed to make you want to get on the dance floor.